Monir Fathi’s passion for her work was instilled in her from the very beginning, since her childhood. She started painting at the tender age of seven and continued her education through public and private instruction until she received her B.A. in Painting from The Art University of Tehran. Later, she continued her education in the Medical field, but her desire has always been Art and painting. Monir uses many experimental techniques to achieve light-hearted and joyful compositions. She is always looking for new ways to express her perceptions and feelings. The peace and joy in Monir's heart is highly evident in her artwork. She enjoys the challenge of combining traditional & contemporary techniques with modern subjects, with oils, and occasionally acrylic and watercolors. She has a combination of years of work experience in Art/Painting in both the United States and abroad; teaching, selling and challenging to set up art exhibitions with knowledge of both traditional and modern skills. All have been very successful.

She paints in the studio and en plein air, and she has years of work experience with SOCALPAPA, and also the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

“Working on my passion changed my life on so many levels.”

I like to work in a variety of media types. My painting consists of what I feel and what inspires me. I believe that art is the true expression of the soul.